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VGW is a technology company creating immersive experiences

VGW and Scuderia Ferrari: entertainment meets performance


VGW and Scuderia Ferrari have come together to form a partnership that unites a shared passion for harnessing the power of technology, innovation and teamwork to entertain and drive world-leading customer experience and success. We may operate in different industries, but share similar beliefs when it comes to the power of technology and teams for performance, and the role of passion that unites us all.

Experience VGW Play, the ultimate destination for endless entertainment. With a variety of free games to choose from, immerse yourself in a world of fun and thrilling games. From challenging puzzles and strategic gameplay to exciting arcade games, come and enjoy the ultimate gaming paradise with VGW Play.

VGW: A Decade of Excellence

VGW Holdings Ltd is a technology company dedicated to creating immersive experiences for our customers using our in-house software and technology. For more than a decade, we have challenged the status quo by testing, pioneering and pushing the boundaries, to deliver unparalleled entertainment for our customers.

Board of Directors

Laurence Escalante

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Laurence Escalante is a technology entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience and a
background in finance. He founded VGW in 2010 and raised $16 million in early-stage funding.
He has led the invention of multiple innovations in VGW’s technology and led the creation of our
global development and operations teams. Laurence has a background in investment advisory,
taxation, and financial planning and holds a degree in Economics and Actuarial Studies from
Macquarie University.

Mats Johnson

Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer

Mats Johnson is a seasoned leader with a successful track record in growing online businesses
globally. He has led large teams and executed global expansion strategies for profitable growth
in both new and established markets. Mats has extensive mergers and acquisitions experience
having been actively involved in multiple successful exits of companies.

Lorenzo Escalante

Non-Executive Director

Lorenzo Escalante is a seasoned business intelligence and IT professional with 20 years of
experience in big data analytics for major corporations, including Woodside, BHP Billiton, and
Commonwealth Bank. He has worked for companies such as OnePath, AAPT, and Landcorp,
and has expertise in SAP Business Objects. He is the founder of Lance East Corporation and the
founding shareholder of VGW. He has also guided VGW’s understanding of big data analytics in
its business.


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