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VGW a Proud Sponsor of the University Engineers’ Club at UWA


VGW is proud to announce that it is a sponsor of the University of Western Australia’s University Engineers’ Club (UEC). 

Dating back to 1921, the UEC is the oldest faculty society at UWA, representing students within the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Faculty.

As a faculty society, the UEC serves as a vital link between Engineering and Mathematical Science (EMS) students, the EMS Faculty, and the Guild. The UEC helps students by offering invaluable support and opportunities across social, welfare, educational, networking, and career development for students. 

VGW Head of Engineering, Cameron Newton, said he was excited about the partnership and the opportunity to support the upcoming generation of engineers.

“Our collaboration with UEC gives us the opportunity to support and nurture the bright minds that will undoubtedly shape the future of software engineering,” Cameron said. 

Cameron also said the sponsorship is a great example of how academia and industry can come together to foster growth and innovation. 

“We believe that the engineering students of today are the architects of the future, and sponsorships like this show our dedication to their development.” 

With this sponsorship, VGW is proud to play a part in facilitating student’s journeys towards success in software engineering as well as their broader accomplishments and networks beyond academia. 

To find out more about the University Engineers’ Club at UWA, visit their website or follow them on Facebook for upcoming events.

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