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VGW Partners with Project F to Foster Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

project f

VGW is thrilled to announce its partnership with Project F, an initiative dedicated to narrowing the gender gap in the tech industry.

This new partnership forms part of VGW’s commitment to ensure an equitable workplace, with the company considering diversity and inclusion as an essential pillar of its success. 

VGW’s Chief People Officer, Yvette Mandanas, said the partnership with Project F represents a significant step forward in the company’s journey.

“By embracing Project F’s strategic roadmap, we’re solidifying our commitment to gender balance in tech teams by embarking on a series of important milestones, all geared towards fostering an inclusive work environment,” Ms Mandanas said. 

VGW has been making substantial strides in its partnership with Project F, including the recent achievement of Level 2 certification. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering gender diversity and embracing inclusivity, as evidenced by a set of well-defined benchmarks they have established.

In addition to its Project F efforts, VGW also recently completed the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) report, reaffirming its commitment to gender equality and inclusion. VGW has been found fully compliant with all WGEA requirements. 

“Our collaboration with leading organisations like these underscores our proactive approach to bridging the gender gap in technology,” Ms Mandanas said.

“This involves eliminating biases and ensuring fairness and parity across various aspects of our operations, including recruitment, performance evaluations, leadership development, and policy formulation.”

Ms Mandanas highlights the importance of championing gender diversity and inclusivity in the tech landscape.

“In a world where diversity is the catalyst for progress, VGW’s partnership with Project F is a declaration of our intentions. The Level 2 certification is a symbol of the transformation we’re igniting—an evolution toward a workplace where gender balance isn’t an exception but a norm. Together, we’re writing a new narrative for the tech sector.”

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