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Celebrating Success: Tina’s Evolution as one of VGW’s First Employees to Vice President

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Celebrating an extraordinary journey of over 10 years at VGW, we’re proud to share that Tina, one of our very first employees, has recently been promoted to Vice President of First Party Slots.

Tina started at VGW as an Art Director, spearheading the creation of original slot content for our social casino products. Her spirit and creative vision have been instrumental in the company’s growth and the success of our games. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Tina says she’s passionate about supporting other women to achieve success as a leader at VGW and in the industry after working her way up the ranks. 

“I am incredibly proud to have built a game studio where every voice is valued and heard. With 50% of our team members being passionate and driven women, we’re not just creating games; we’re building an environment where each individual contributes to our shared success.”

In the early days of VGW, Tina had multiple responsibilities including crafting social media posts and illustrating game packages, which she says gave her a deep appreciation and understanding of the business as it expanded.  

“This journey has not only allowed me to witness the company’s growth but has also provided valuable insights into the intricacies of the games industry and the dynamic environment in which VGW operates.”

When asked what she cherishes the most about working at VGW, she says it was the unwavering trust and empowerment she experienced from the very start. “This foundation provided me with the freedom to excel,” she says.“The consistent support and belief shown at VGW empowered me to push my boundaries and contribute to the company’s success with a strong sense of self-assurance.” 

Today, her mission and purpose is still aligned with what she was originally hired for but her responsibilities have evolved organically in tandem with the company’s growth. She says she finds fulfilment in the fact that she now has the ability to help others in her team succeed, and that she is part of a greater narrative at VGW. 

“What truly resonates with me is the sense of being part of something significant and exhilarating at VGW. From day one, the company’s grand ambitions and dreams have fuelled my drive to succeed, knowing that the games we create bring substantial enjoyment and great experiences to our players.”

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