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Empowering Women in Tech: She Codes Sydney Plus Program Kicks Off

she codes

VGW is excited to announce a collaboration with She Codes to launch its transformative six-month Plus Program in Sydney. 

Under this partnership, the Plus Program will help to foster diversity and inclusion within the tech industry by providing 24 aspiring women with the technical skills and confidence they need to pursue a career in tech. 

The Plus Program is a dynamic six-month tech program that offers a unique learning pathway for women looking to break into the tech industry. Designed to accommodate full-time workers and women returning to the workforce, the program runs during non-business hours, making it an ideal choice for those with busy schedules.

This project-based program empowers participants to engage in five distinct projects throughout the six-month period. These projects encompass a wide array of tech skills, including website creation using HTML/CSS, data manipulation with Python, and the utilisation of frameworks such as Django and React JS.

VGW’s Chief People Officer, Yvette Mandanas, said the initiative offers a valuable chance for budding developers in the community.

“At VGW, we recognise that gender balance is critical in our teams and we want to empower females and provide them with pathways to pursue a career in the tech industry,” she said.

“It’s also important that we provide ongoing educational support to allow our women to continue to thrive in the workplace.”

Fully-funded scholarships are available in the Plus Program. To learn more about the program launch in Sydney and to check your eligibility, visit the She Codes website here.

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