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She Codes Plus Sydney Program – Graduation Showcase

She codes Graduation Showcase

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of attending the She Codes Graduation Showcase where we celebrated the impressive achievements of the talented women who underwent an intensive  journey in the She Codes Plus Sydney Program. In just six months, they have tackled several challenging projects, including creating a website in HTML/CSS, manipulating data with Python, and using frameworks such as Django and React JS. 

Our Involvement in the She Codes Program

Diversity and inclusivity breeds innovation, creativity and success, which is why VGW is a proud sponsor of the She Codes program, which empowers ambitious women to advance their coding skills for free. Several VGW team members also volunteered to mentor the participants, guiding them on their coding journey. 

The Showcase

The graduation showcase represented a significant milestone for the graduates, as it gave them the opportunity to highlight the tangible outcomes of all the work they had put in over the past six months. Attendees enjoyed presentations and demonstrations showing off the diverse range of projects completed by the graduates, showcasing their newfound coding and creative thinking skills. 

Lee Campbell, VGW’s VP of Engineering in Growth, said the She Codes Graduation Showcase was a celebration of empowerment and skill-building. 

“Witnessing the women in the program grow their confidence personally, professionally and in their coding capabilities was incredibly rewarding,” said Lee. 

“We’re proud to have played a part in their journey, and we’re excited to see how each of them contribute their unique perspectives to the tech industry.”

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