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Scuderia Ferrari Fans at VGW

Jasmin at the Grand Prix

With the exciting announcement of our partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, we asked a few of our team members who are die-hard Scuderia Ferrari fans to share a few of their favourite F1 memories, and what the partnership means to them.

Jasmin, VP of Product – Central

“It is incredible to be associated and mentioned in the same sentence as Scuderia Ferrari. It’s an absolute privilege to be part of a VGW and Scuderia Ferrari partnership, having been an avid F1 fan for almost 35 years. It inspires me to do even bigger and better things at VGW.

My favourite F1 memory must be watching Alain Prost (Scuderia Ferrari) and Ayrton Senna (McLaren/McLaren-Honda) battling it out for a few seasons in the early 90’s, crashing into each other many times while leading the race, it was the first time as a kid that I recognised passion in a driver and in driving as a sport.

This is closely followed up with Michael Schumacher’s incredible streak of world titles in the early 2000’s, the car and driver were so far ahead of the competition which highlighted to me the power to technical advancement, I got really curious about differences between cars and what set them apart.

For me the VGW and Scuderia Ferrari partnership validates the hard work and effort we’ve all put into VGW to get to this level, where we are starting to be recognised as a global brand and an industry leader. Alignment wise what resonates with me is that I believe we have the same values and belief in continuous improvements and technical excellence, never accepting status quo, and never getting tired of finding a better way to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.”

Timothy – Acting Engineering Manager – Incubation

“I’ve been at VGW for nearly five years now and have been watching F1 for over 15 years, so to see those two worlds crossover is epic and still feels unreal. It’s now become a habit to spot the VGW Play logo on the Ferraris and I feel super proud to see the company I work at involved in something I am such a big fan of. The fact that it’s the most prestigious team in the history of F1 makes it all the better.

I first got into F1 around 2008, that high intensity and fast-paced nature of the sport really hooked me. Since then I’ve barely missed a race and if I have, I have made sure to watch it as soon as possible. My favourite memory has to be the first time I saw the cars live in Melbourne in 2019. To witness the speed of the cars and to soak in the atmosphere is an experience unlike any other. To be going again this year, it’s going to be a cool moment to see in person the VGW Play logo on the Ferraris and just think “huh, I work at that company, awesome!”.

Scuderia Ferrari is built to win, VGW is built to win; it’s the perfect match. Scuderia Ferrari doesn’t give up and neither do we, always bringing our A-game week in, week out. It says a lot about VGW that of all teams it has partnered with, where success is critical, we’ve paired up with the most successful team in F1. We both hustle to be the best, we are both passionate about what we do, and we both challenge those around us.”


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