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VGW Sponsors Perth’s Latency Conference


VGW proudly sponsored the highly anticipated Latency Conference held in Perth on June 1-2. The event served as a gathering ground for leading tech experts, to explore the development of secure and high-performing cloud-native applications. 

This year’s conference was focused on examining the cultural values, tools, and teams needed to successfully build and manage cloud-based products.

VGW had a strong presence at the event, with a booth and several team members there to support the company. 

VGW’s Senior Engineer, Bronwyn, said she thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to network, attend workshops, and learn from and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for leveraging the power of the cloud in today’s digital landscape.

“The Latency Conference provided valuable presentations that offered interesting perspectives on cloud-native development and beyond. In addition to the talks, I enjoyed making new connections and reconnecting with old acquaintances. There is so much to learn from the Perth tech community, and Latency provides a fantastic environment for those conversations,” Bronwyn said.

Supporting industry conferences like Latency, VGW seeks to contribute to the sector’s growth and provide its teams with opportunities for professional development and advancement.

To learn more about the Latency Conference visit their website here

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