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Discover VGW’s In-House Games: The Rise of Golden Feather Studios

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Forging a path of its own, Golden Feather Studios is VGW’s very own in-house games studio, captivating players with an innovative, interactive experience from the very first click. The desire to create world-class games, offering players exclusive experiences found solely within VGW’s brands, drove the development of Golden Feather Studios. To accomplish this, a clear vision, creative approach and player-centric strategy were employed from the get-go, and proved instrumental in building and growing what would be one of the company’s biggest success stories.

The Story

Vice President of Golden Feather Studios, Tina, has been with VGW since 2013, initially joining as an Art Director. Tasked to build a dedicated team of experienced industry professionals from the ground up, Tina got to work sourcing and assembling a hand-picked team of artists, animators, game designers, producers, and technical artists. The goal? To create original, unique games that would be top-performing and well-received by players. To achieve this, the team had to be not only the best in the industry, but also creative thinkers who pushed the boundaries in design to create a suite of never-before-seen products that players loved.

Tina describes Golden Feather Studios’ uniqueness as a fusion of unwavering spirit and creative vision. “Over the years, Golden Feather Studios has grown from its humble beginnings into a powerhouse of creativity and innovation within VGW. All of us collaborate together as we design and build each game, with everyone’s ideas and input heard and welcomed.” 

It’s not just in spirit that Golden Feather Studios has grown over the years, but in size, too. “Golden Feather Studios has evolved significantly, starting out with just two artists, one game designer, one audio director and one engineer,” Tina explains.

Fast forward to present day and the team has morphed into a formidable group of creatives – 17 of them, in fact – complemented by a talented cohort of internal engineers and a quality control team. Covering a vibrant assortment of disciplines, Golden Feather Studios’ specialist areas include art, animation, game design, audio engineering, production, and technical development. The requirement for the breadth of experience yet niched talent within VGW means the career opportunities are endless and ever-evolving, positioning VGW as an employer of choice and a place where careers go to flourish and thrive. 

“At the heart of Golden Feather Studios lies our dedication to assembling a team of individuals who are not only passionate but also deeply committed to their crafts,” Tina explains of the culture which was woven into the fabric of her first team many years ago. The team pride themselves on fostering an environment where creativity thrives, resulting in the crafting of polished games that promise an unparalleled, interactive game experience.

The Games

Golden Feather Studios redefines the online social games sphere, with an evolving portfolio of over 70 exclusive titles that cannot be found anywhere else. The studio is fueled by passion and creativity to craft vibrant, aesthetic immersive worlds, combining crisp, dazzling graphics with complementing sound effects to offer a game experience players come back for time and time again. Renowned games such as Stampede Fury, Fu Qian Qian, Gem Huntress, Western Gold, The Last Empress, and the entire lineup of the Fireshot Jackpot games are just some of the exclusive titles to only be found within VGW’s brands.

The fast-paced, engaging mechanics employ the latest thrilling features to create a premium games experience, with stunning graphics designed by the studio’s very own artists and animators. From each spin to every jackpot win, the fine graphics and movements are perfected down to the smallest detail, bringing the games to life with unparalleled energy and excitement. As with all of VGW’s games, Golden Feather Studios games are always free to play and require no downloads, allowing North American players to enjoy them whenever and wherever they please.

The Future

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2023, Golden Feather Studios looks to the future with promise and even more success on the horizon. Built on foundations of creativity and shared visions for premium, well-crafted products, the studio claims a wealth of experience of over a decade, with a successful track record to boot. Charged with this strong history, and a lineup of one successful game product after another, Golden Feather Studios are well-positioned in the market to continue delivering exciting, popular games that players love coming back to.

Tina explains Golden Feather Studios’ exclusivity to VGW is rare and unique in the world of online social games.  “Our focus remains on delivering high-quality, innovative games that captivate players and drive performance. As technology advances and player preferences evolve, Golden Feather Studios is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, embracing new trends and opportunities.”

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