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VGW Hosts Female Coder’s Collective Networking Event

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On Wednesday 7 June, VGW hosted the Female Coders Collective FC2 networking event in its Perth office. Attendees at the event heard from guest speakers, Michelle Sandford and Roshni Salfinger, who shared valuable insights on three cutting-edge topics: Responsible AI, Co-pilot, and Open AI, as well as Intelligent Workflow Design. These discussions offered a glimpse into the latest developments in the tech industry and highlighted the importance of women’s contributions to the field.

The Female Coders Collective is a platform for women in the tech industry to connect, collaborate, and share ideas, fostering a supportive community that celebrates diversity and encourages innovation.

Co-founder and VGW Product Lead, Esther, said the group was established to “create a psychologically safe technical networking and discussion space, just for women.” 

“Initially, we expected a few women to turn up and network over some drinks and pizza, but we were blown away by the attendance and engagement of women across the industry.” 

“FC2 has enjoyed many wonderful events with presentations by extremely talented women in tech like Amy Kerpernick, Josianne Fortin and Michelle Sandford.” 

When asked what her advice was for women pursuing careers in tech, Esther’s advice was, “Go for it!” 

“Engineering is problem solving and there’s no one right or wrong answer. The best engineering teams are collaborative, humble and can adapt to an ever changing technical landscape. So many women have these skills and attributes. Anyone can learn to code but not everyone can learn to be a curious and conscientious team player, which is what our industry needs,Esther said.

“The more women feel like they don’t only just have a place in tech but also a super-power, the more they will apply for tech roles and the more the industry will benefit. It also creates a network of women who can refer and support each other when they are looking for a new role or struggling in an existing role.” 

The FC2 networking event is just one of many initiatives by the Female Coders Collective. For further information about upcoming events and initiatives by the Female Coders Collective, follow them on LinkedIn or join them on Meetup

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