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Ebru’s Path to Senior Product Manager: A Story of Curiosity and Innovation


Meet Ebru, a Senior Product Manager at VGW, whose passion for technology was sparked in childhood while watching her father build computers at home. 

This early exposure ignited her curiosity, giving her the confidence to tinker with computers on her own and teach herself how to code. Ebru launched her high school’s first website in her teens, and went on to pursue a degree in technology. “I’ve been immersed in technology for as long as I can remember,” Ebru says. 

Her professional career began 15 years ago in the financial planning technology sector, where she was exposed to a variety of roles within software development, including business analyst, change and implementation, and product management.

Ebru has been at VGW for the past two years, leading our product function for Customer Service and Account Management, and says it was the best career decision she’s made. “I’ve been given the opportunity to work in such a creative and collaborative environment at VGW,” she says. 

Ebru thrives in our dynamic environment, describing it as a blend of art and science, where curiosity and innovation drive success. “It can sometimes feel like a juggling act; working at the intersection of business, design and engineering. It is, however, incredibly rewarding; to see your product vision come to life, deliver tangible value, and enable people to have enjoyable user experiences,” she says.

Currently pursuing her MBA, Ebru stays at the forefront of industry trends, focusing on enhancing customer experiences through data-driven solutions and fostering a customer-centric culture. “I see this as a huge opportunity for us to help increase positive engagement with our players, drive loyalty and eliminate non-value driving tasks internally by investing more in self-serve capabilities.”

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