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Nurturing Future Innovators: VGW Proudly Supports Curtin University’s Computer Science Students Association


VGW is a proud sponsor of Curtin University’s Computer Science Students Association (ComSSA). This partnership reflects VGW’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the next generation of tech leaders. 

ComSSA is a student-led club that focuses on assisting computing, computer engineering, and networking students at Curtin University. Their efforts centre around building strong connections between students and the tech industry, providing academic support, and creating a sense of community.

As part of VGW’s collaboration with ComSSA,  team members also volunteer at events, where students have the chance to showcase their skills and tackle real-world challenges.

Aidan Jolly, one of VGW’s Engineers, recently took part in the ComSSA’s Amazing Tech Race, where he was paired with team RAT. 

“The team’s amazing programming and problem-solving abilities led them to win the Tier 1 category for first-year students,” Aidan said. 

Lee Campbell, VGW’s VP of Engineering in Growth, also volunteered at the ComSSA’s Hackathon and was impressed by the event’s unique emphasis on business problem analysis and theoretical solutions.

“The student’s exceptional collaboration and problem-solving skills were on full display during the Hackathon, and I can’t wait to see what they achieve next,” Lee said.  

“Our collaboration with ComSSA aligns with VGW’s value of ‘together we win’ as we work to empower tomorrow’s engineers. It’s inspiring to see the dedication of these young minds as they strive to make a positive impact.”

To learn more about ComSSA’s events, you can visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

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