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VGW’s First Code-a-thon: A Global Tech Collaboration


This week VGW hosted its first Code-a-thon event in its Perth office where over 60 team members came together from all over the world to learn, collaborate and grow together. 

Employees from diverse technical backgrounds had the opportunity to work together on exciting projects and challenges. The event was a melting pot of ideas, as everyone brought their unique perspectives to the table, encouraging fresh approaches to problem-solving. In addition to the VGW team, Code-a-thon also welcomed esteemed guest, YOW! Founder Dave Thomas, for an internal presentation. 

Throughout the week, teams engaged in various workshops and sessions led by internal and external experts. These sessions were aimed at improving technical understanding, refining problem-solving abilities, and exploring new trends in the tech landscape. 

Lee Campbell, VGW’s VP of Engineering in Growth, said the event gave everyone the opportunity to expand their skill sets and deepen their knowledge.

“Exposing our tech experts to a composition of industry leading technologies and practices will ensure that VGW remains at the forefront of technological advancements,” said Lee. 

The event also served as a reminder for VGW to continue focusing on creating a work environment that encourages experimentation and fosters a passion for innovation. 

“We are already seeing the benefits of the Reference Architecture and improved practices through improved consistency, availability and time to market,” said Lee.

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